Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Do We Have To Salute?!?!

All hail the Hope Town Sailing Club Commodore! Yesterday it was made official when the traditional gavel was turned over to Dave at the club's Annual General Meeting.

Immediately following this we headed over to the marina to have the luncheon given by the Commodore and First Lady (also now known as the Commodorable) for the executive committee. What a gorgeous setting and  the food was superb! Jacqueline (Ganesha) and Catherine (Solitaire 1) just love cooking and provided the menu and cooking for the 35 attendees...and boy were we all hungry after 3 hours of meetings!

Jacqueline had Chef Neil from the restaurant here, marinate and roast several pork tenderloins along with grilled chicken breasts. Then Catherine made Caesar salad and Ciabatta bread, and Jacqueline prepared another colorful salad that contained red potatoes, green beans, red onions, olives, and red and yellow cherry tomatoes.

The main course was followed by the most decadent chocolate dessert in a cup topped with real whipped cream, a strawberry quarter, and a sprig of mint. It even had it's own tiny little spoon to eat it with.

Since I needed to be at the meeting, we also had our next door neighbors George and Jacky (Heritage) help set up, and they continued helping throughout the afternoon. L to R... Jacky, Jacqueline, & George (Catherine is not in the photo because she was my photographer too).

We cannot thank them all enough for the outstanding result of all their efforts. We have had so many compliments today about the luncheon, and it definitely would not have been the same without them. What a great way to start Dave's two year tenure.


  1. I just want Dave to know that when he comes back home that he is just Dave ,nothing else ,just Dave Lol.

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  3. Congratulations Commodore Dave and his beautiful First Lady Carol! It looks like a lovely installation celebration day and with so much anticipated fun to look forward to in your tenure. Love you both!