Sunday, March 16, 2014

Full Moon Dinghy Drift

Tonight was a record breaking dinghy drift through the harbor with somewhere between 48-54 boats and 120 people!

It was the best drift ever, with food galore being passed around. 

Several people on the outside steered the group with their engines due to the wind having increased. They even managed to guide us to the mouth of the harbor....just as a large center console boat was speeding in. The skipper thought it was great we were doing this and he sounded like he was pretty drunk, yelling funny things as he maneuvered around us.

The group broke up before we headed out to sea, but some of us diehards went back in the lee and anchored up to watch an absolutely gorgeous moonrise.

This was an experience like many had never had before.
Thanks K.G. & Sue H. for the fantastic photos!

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