Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Few More Shades of Brown

I glanced out the window as I went to wash dishes tonight and found three deer almost at our back door! I grabbed my camera, but what must have been two yearlings, ran into the woods. Mom stayed awhile and ate some of the grass. She looked like she had a hard winter and wasn't particularly afraid of us watching her as she foraged for whatever she could find to eat, including the small buds on the trees and bushes. Meanwhile, her 'kids' were picking at the buds on the berry bushes at the edge of the woods (I guess we won't be expecting the banner crop of blackberries that we had last year). It's amazing that the thorns and prickers don't bother them. If they are hungry enough, they'll eat just about anything and everything in the yard. Oh well, I still enjoy seeing them.

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