Saturday, April 12, 2014


It's been a week filled with lots of yard work, gardening, pressure washing, and projects to help Mom. This really gets us ready for doing the same kind of things when we head back north, only up home everything is on a much bigger scale. After all our hard work around Mom's house we decided to take a few days off and have some fun around Daytona. Note to self: ALWAYS BRING YOUR CAMERA, even if you are going places that you have been before! While kayaking I saw a bald eagle on a power pole that just sat there staring at me, an anhinga so close I could touch him (what gorgeous green around his eyes), and a manatee at the dock. Bummer, three missed photo opportunities.

When we went up to the Main Street Pier on the Honda Helix though, the camera was definitely in my pocket. What a difference a few months make.
November 2013

April 2014

Spring break had descended on the beach, and a national dance and cheer leading competition was taking place! Talk about an extreme sport! We tried to see what was happening up by the band shell, but it was totally cordoned off and we just peeked through the bleachers and saw girls and guys being tossed in the air. The acrobatics were phenomenal. All along the green space, groups were practicing, so I did get to take a few photos.

On the way back to the Helix, this bike was parked near us. 
 Ah yes, this must be Daytona where every biker under 21 needs a surfboard rack!

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