Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Many Faces of the Inlet

Ponce Inlet is one of our favorite places to go every time we are in the area. The conditions always differ and today was the exact opposite of our last trip.
Gales in November show its angry face.
Perfection in April keeps everyone smiling.

Last time we couldn't get near the fishing pier and this time we walked out to the end of the concrete pier itself. With the low tide and fairly calm conditions, other people were walking all the way out the rock jetty to the end, to get the best chance at catching fish.

We saw a few people catch fish, several surfers, paddle boarders, and a whole lot of variations of sunbathers. These two little boys really had us laughing. They were laying in this little puddle of water that must have been super warm. Then the one boy stuck his face right down into the water and sand. It was so cute to see how long he could hold his breath and what he looked like when he came up for air. It looked like his friend didn't want to go to quite that extreme. Both boys were young surf rats and had their own small boards.

It sure brought back memories of beach days as a kid, playing in the surf and sand, and building the Daytona Beach famous dribble tree sand castles.

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