Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wild Ride

We are back in Daytona! What a wild Gulf Stream ride we had on Ganesha yesterday. Actually the southerly current made the waves less in the Gulf Stream itself (wind and waves were from the SSE), but on both sides of the Stream there was a 2-5 foot swell/chop. Ganesha took it in stride at about 20 knots, and once we got used to the motion, it was quite fun. Picture going through an automatic car wash for several hours. Waves and spray would fly onto the windshield, then over the roof and wash down into the cockpit, all the while Ganesha charged on through the indigo water. Sorry I have no photos, but it would have been difficult since we all pretty much stayed put in our seats and didn't move around. We jokingly asked for seat belts. Thank you so much Heinz and Jacqueline for your amazing and much appreciated hospitality!

Once we were tied to the dock in Stuart, it was time to call and check into customs and immigration. We all had our local boaters cards (ours were old and we hadn't used soon we got them we flew instead), but when Dave called they said mine didn't exist in the computer system! I was informed that I would have to go to the nearest airport to check in, which was closed at 4:30PM. We took our chances and headed to Daytona in our van. We went to the Daytona International Airport and checked in with the customs officer there, who said that the whole system was updated since we got our cards and we should get new ones (he couldn't find Dave in the system either, and wondered how the agent we had spoken to had found him). Thankfully the officer did complete the check-in process and I am in my own country legally now. ;-)

Dave has already been out on the Honda Helix several times and we are doing projects around Mom's house. It's a transition time as we generally decompress and get used to being back. Tomorrow we take on a REAL grocery store...what a treat that will be!

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