Saturday, May 31, 2014


May is done and I have only written two posts on my blog, so I better make it at least three for the month. The time just flew by with the house project, but finally we too are done! Or at least the house is presentable for prospective buyers. We still have a few small things to deal with, but it looks pretty good. Even a week ago though, I wondered if we were going to make the June 1st deadline. Now, unless we get a contract and inspection quickly, we should be able to take our time to complete the remaining projects.

Meanwhile, EVERYTHING is blooming and the days of grey and brown are way in the past. Green does the grass! Now I have an additional property to mow this summer and the tractor has to be loaded on the trailer and taken down there weekly. Plus here at the Pashley Ranch, and of course mowing the never ending thick fertile grass of Ticonderoga (must be all the cows in the area. HA!). Thank goodness for our lifesaving weedwacker friends Kevin and John who worked so hard at the two properties here.

My three rhododendrons are gorgeous this year, but next to the pink and purple ones, my white one is definitely queen of the yard. The flowers are so heavy, it is drooping to the ground. The bees, hummingbirds and other birds love it, including the robins with an active nest.

Today we celebrate the spring and have our premier trail ride of the season. First the trails and party spot need to be cleaned up, and everyone is going to pitch in to complete this quest. With everything else going on, I barely even remember that we live at the edge of the woods. Hopefully all that will change now. It's time to get on with spring and look forward to summer!

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