Monday, May 19, 2014

In Case You Are Wondering...

We have been diligently working on the repossessed property and house. Raking of about 3 of the 4.8 acres of land is complete (thank goodness for the New Holland tractor and the special leaf scoop that Dave made for the bucket). I weeded out all of the strawberry plants that massively invaded the flower garden behind the house and put 6 huge bags of red mulch around.  We have had to pick up tons of garbage strewn around, and out by the point where the fire pit is, there were two gigantic piles of old roofing and plywood that we disposed of. Dave has been power blowing like crazy (he tripped and fell  while we were moving stuff and scared the heck out of us both, but it was a soft landing on leaves and he’s okay). I pressure washed the lower garage that was moldy green, plus the doors on all the garages, including all pass doors. Now I need to paint them once this next bout of rain is over. We found used appliances on Craig’s list and have a washer/dryer, fridge, furnace, and brand new hot water heater that are ready to be installed. When I looked inside the house, it didn’t look too bad at first, but now that the power is back on, we certainly have our hands full. I have never seen dust so thick and so sooty from them burning wood and the oil furnace having issues. I don’t know how they could breathe. Thank goodness there is no furniture and we have carpet cleaners coming. The upstairs shower ceiling is black. They took weird stuff like the smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detector, curtain rods, and towel racks, but left all the brackets for them. Don’t ask me how  they will use them elsewhere. The kitchen faucet has to be replaced because parts are missing. The downstairs bathroom faucets are totally corroded and we need to get that too. The upstairs bathroom sink is cracked and do you break granite/marble? We just bought a used vanity and sink, since it will be cheaper and easier to switch over. The closet doors in the lower bedroom had slats totally out of it and Dave has rebuilt it. He has also been working on replacing trim in the kitchen. They moved the free standing pantry to make room for a dishwasher, but then sold the dishwasher and incorrectly put the pantry back, but there are huge gaps and holes in the trim. The list goes on and on. Plus we have to have this all done and ready to be shown by June 1st. At least the leaves are out and the flowers are blooming, making everything look inviting. Dave is trying to juggle work at the shop and work at the house, so you know where you will find us and what we’re up to. Did I mention that we are buying stock in bottle at a time?

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