Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's a Gas!

It's the time of year for the Gallupville Gas-Up where antique engines, tractors, trucks, and cars abound. There are no vendors and everything is on display by their very proud owners. Unusual is normal here, and if you wonder what it is or what it does, just ask and the owners will be glad to tell and show you. Below are just a small sampling of what we experienced:

This steam driven clam shell crane is fueled with wood. The support vehicles were antiques also. One provided wood and one was adding water.

Scooping up the clay and loading up the old fully functional Mack dump truck.

Great displays of antique engines throughout the property.

 I would love to have this wheel in my garden!

Barn fresh '34 Ford Coupe (complete with 1934 license plate) and a Model A pick-up truck.

Pulley and toy display.

We need this gorgeous Case threshing machine steam tractor at our Rally in the Woods parties!

It was fun to watch this rock grinder as rocks were thrown in and it literally chewed them up and spit out gravel.
Oh Deere! Dave's favorite vehicle of the show. The wheels have rubber strips as tires.

 My favorite was this very simple Farmall with its aggressive wheels. You can tell that it is still in service.

 We're not sure what this is, but it was being driven around the grounds!

An elaborate road grader.

Look at the amount of water this little engine is pumping!

 More water pumps. There was a large display of washing machines too.

Nap time...right next to this running engine.

Asleep complete with cigar!

What a line up!

Dave contemplates what he can do with THIS piece of machinery. Sorry Dave, there's no more room in our Den of Antiquities.

Two Daveys!

More barn fresh vehicles. It was so much fun exploring, both inside and out.

This white sign would look so good in the front of our house (especially the 96 part).

Unfortunately the parade had to be cancelled even though some of the vehicles were lining up. I took this from inside an old gas station that is permanently on display.

What a machine and look at those tracks!

 It seemed like everyone was working on their prize possessions at some point during the day.

 We were amazed watching this 30 year old working on this steam engine. He and his father own it. Even though it looks like it is similar to a locomotive because of its stack, we believe it is a stationary engine. It sure is big...

And he got it running! This was one of the highlights of the day.

 I think this event got Dave thinking..."what can I come up with for next year?"

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