Saturday, June 7, 2014

Junk or Treasure?

It was all treasure at some point, but now it's definitely junk! It's that time of year when the town has their free bulk pick up, making it a good time to get rid of some of the accumulations of junk around the property. This year was especially important, because we had to dispose of lots of stuff from the other property that was left behind. This week also presented the opportunity to get metal together to bring down to the scrap metal recyclers. Dave and John stripped some of the bikes of their fairings and luggage for the heap, while I got to drive the New Holland and place everything curbside.



These baby woodchucks were so cute hiding out in our pallet pile, watching us. Too bad they get to be such a nuisance when they grow up.

Soon we'll gather all this mountain of scrap metal, along with quite a bit that is still way out back in the big shed, load it up on one of the utility trailers, and see what the market is paying. Anything is better than having piles around....even if the cute critters like to make homes in them.

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