Monday, June 23, 2014

Meant To Be

Dave and I went to a yard sale with lots of antiques featured. As we drove up, I noticed a really cute old bicycle leaning up against a tree. I'm not really into bicycles, but this one had a fake tank, a headlight and original paint....and it was even a girl's bike.

We wandered around the sale items and when I walked up to check out the bike it had my name written all over it...literally! Talk about an LOL moment.

How could we NOT buy it, even if it just got hung up for display? $40 later we took it home and John V. fixed the rear wheel issue while Dave got the horn in the tank and the headlight working. It even has it's original Lightning tires with the Indian head insignia on them, along with all its other decals.

Now I'm riding in style on my 1954 Shelby Flyer!

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