Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rallying the Troops

The first 2014 Rally in the Woods trail ride took place on Saturday, and even though it wasn't one of our largest, it was still a great get-together. Many of the trails were cleaned up as well as the whole party area. Even the outhouse is a classy place.
The food at the Handlebar Cafe was superb as usual! 

Dave's Minions sit over the antique stove on their pistons, keeping an ever faithful eye on the happenings...sort of like his real 'minions' do! We couldn't do any of this without them and all their help, that's for sure.

Until about 6:30PM, Sara and I were the only females there so we had fun tearing around the property. I always drive my four wheeler, and since helmets are required for everyone, Sara and I dress ours up with pigtails (Pink Ladies still rule!).

Sara raced around on any bike she could get her hands on, and as you can see there were many classic bikes at the ready for her to choose from.

Did you notice our new signs? Thanks to cousin Chuck for the use of the Sinclair sign. Many years ago, Dave's father used to have about 20 of these, and Chuck was the only smart person to take one home. Since then, the rest have been destroyed. Back then we never would have guessed that they would become so collectable.

The tractor crossing sign was a must too since the Farmall has become so popular. Both Tyler and his father Kenny, got the hang of driving it quite quickly (and now they want one!).

New to the fleet this year is the pull start David Bradley. It was a big hit too, and Walt really liked it because it went just his speed.


 Kevin brought his usual entourage of bikes so there's something for everyone...while Jimmy keeps working on getting his going.

Hey Kenny, Tyler, and Tim....where's Kerstin? We missed her!

The chef took some time off from grilling to try and start the mini bike. We won't tell his wife he did this ;-)...or else that broomstick he uses to guide his grandson really WILL be coming out of his you know what!

Stay tuned for the next Rally in the Woods, because the Trials section has begun. All the huge tires, Bayliner hull, trees, etc. that we have been saving for this reason are finally being put to use. This section has been in the works for 3 years. First Hercules broke so these big obstacles couldn't be moved, and then once that was fixed, Dave broke! Now everything and everyone are up and running...or at least walking again.

 By the end of the day, the campfire was red hot and the branding iron saw some action. If your name starts with 'P', you too can have anything you want branded.

 The best part, besides the camaraderie, food, and stress relief? We get to do it all over again in another few weeks before the summer heat really kicks in.

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