Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back To Having Fun

We have been working on the 'possessed' house again, but everything should now be set unless something shows up on a house inspection. We do have a possible contract in the works so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

The past few days we have been up in Ticonderoga with friends John and Lynda, who are staying in their motorhome at Roger's Rock Campground. Today we trailered Sashay to Lake Placid for a tour of the lake, which we had never been on before. You would think that with all the hot weather we have been having, it would have been beautiful up there in the Adirondack High Peaks, but it was only about 68 degrees, cloudy, and windy....bare minimum conditions for going boating.

We only explored about half of the lake, but we saw absolutely gorgeous large homes (it's hard to call them camps!) and boathouses that were filled with boats and even launches similar to Sashay.We later learned there are 85 wooden boats on the lake.

The highlight of the trip was eating lunch while drifting in front of the prestigious Lake Placid Lodge.
We certainly will return for a longer trip on a nicer day, but this was a great introduction to this pretty lake under Whiteface Mountain.

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