Sunday, July 13, 2014

"I Don't Want To Leave!"

On our last day with John and Lynda, we went to our favorite kayaking spot, Eagle Lake. We had lots of items with us this time, since we were going to have lunch and go snorkeling on Turtle Island. We decided that I would take my single kayak and Dave would take the double and all our gear, which worked really well. He needed that extra weight to replace me!

Oops! Lynda had a bit of a mishap when getting in her kayak and flipped over. A good Samaritan helped her empty the water out. What a way to start her birthday.

Off we go! John celebrated being able to lift his paddle over his head. Once again great therapy for his shoulder.

It is so serene on the lake (except for the road traffic) and we can always be assured that we will see loons, and now the eagle soaring. We certainly weren't disappointed on both accounts! Lynda took photos of this loon, which actually stayed put long enough for her to get a shot.

Turtle Island is a little rock island and it was all ours for a couple of hours. 

Everyone was so relaxed!
Good thing we saved our energy, because when we finally went to paddle back, the wind had come up. We hugged the shore and it wasn't too difficult.

"Low bridge, everybody down" we head back to the launch ramp.
Am I colorful enough? It's not too often someone is around to get photos of ME (Thanks Lynda & John)!

It was such a pleasant day, I had to agree with Lynda who kept saying, "I don't want to leave!"

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