Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Discovery

Even though we have been exploring this area of the Adirondacks for many years, we're always excited to make new discoveries. This was the case when we found the Bolton Landing Veterans Memorial Park. We had been by here quite a few times and saw that it was a swimming beach, and a few years back inquired as to whether or not we could launch our kayaks there. Unfortunately it was a no. Yesterday we decided to stop in and ask where the best place to launch was and the extremely friendly attendant said HERE! She explained that there were now two different places to put our kayaks in, and there was even a cart provided to assist in bringing kayaks from the parking lot. One path led us to a small sandy beach, and the other took us to a public dock with this specialized launch. How fun to sit in the kayak and slide into the water! We even got going fast on the way back and zoomed up the rollers, never getting our feet wet.

It's nice having an access to this part of the lake. Here are some sights as we headed towards Northwest Bay.

There are so many beautiful summer homes, boathouses, and classic boats. It reminded me of Lake Placid. "Gotta love these Adirondack lakes!"

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