Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Full Day of Fun, Surprises, and Current

We may go away, but the computer is always with us. I just happened to be checking estate sales on Craig's list and to my surprise, featured in the Albany section, was an ad for a sale at Reed's Garage in Fisher's Landing, which is between Alexandria Bay and Clayton. It also happened to be right near where we wanted to kayak. We were the second person to arrive and what an amazing place! It was filled with marine items and mostly very old outboard engines of all types. The owners were wonderful and even quite comical, and they allowed us to check out any garage, outbuilding, or storage container that had its doors open.

Some of the outboards were old ones abandoned, others were used for parts, and from the looks of things, some were even still being worked on in the shop.

This was quite a parts bin from an old hardware store. The drawers were triangular.

They even had their vintage hydroplane race boat hanging from the ceiling. There were tons of trophies everywhere so they must have won a lot of regattas.

The whole property oozed 'family history' and we felt like were in a television show.

We didn't end up buying anything, but the experience was priceless. We could have spent hours exploring but we (I) really wanted to go kayaking too. I draggggged(!) Dave away and we headed to Grass Point State Park, where there was a great campground, marina, and launch ramp.

  The Thousand Island Bridge is in the background.

This why it's called Grass Point. It looks serene but there's lots of current from the river everywhere.
Mahogany in front of the lighthouse.I think we've stepped back in time yet again!

Some day we will come back and check out Rock Island Lighthouse.

How would you like to have this old steel hulk in your yard? I know Dave would!

 Having a problem with the phone on your island? Verizon will make a service call to fix it.

What a great replica of the bridge across the St. Lawrence to Canada.

Time to stow the kayak, hop in the Sea Fox skiff, and head into Canadian waters. What a pretty area, but the current absolutely flies between the little islands.

Dave's favorite house complete with vintage wooden boat.

The Gananoque tour boat

Quite a cottage perched on this rock!

Heading under the Thousand Island Bridge and you can see the current racing.

We entered the International Rift the opposite way that we usually do, motoring between Canada and the U.S.

I'm glad we didn't meet a boat coming the other way at this narrow choke point.

The rift led us to the main channel and we headed back to the motel at Alex Bay. Time to walk the docks and rest up for the next day's main event at the Antique Boat Museum. Coming soon...photos of the Antique Race Boat Regatta!

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