Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ti to T.I. or...

How much can we do in 48 hours? Sometimes spur of the moment trips can turn out better than plans made long in advance. This year we decided to "play it by ear" or at least wait for good weather to head to the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence River. The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton had a week long 50th anniversary celebration, so we knew we would be able to see some activity while we were there. We ended up going in the middle of the week with no motel reservations, but found that our favorite motel (Otter Creek) not only had room for us, but also had space for our 17ft. skiff at the dock, and our boat trailer out front.

We knew it would take longer to get to Alexandria Bay, since we had to go over the mountains to get there. Amazingly, the roads were in the best shape of any we have been on in all of the Northeast, so it still only took a bit over 4 1/2 hours, and it was fun going through all the small towns. When we arrived, we were so excited to be back, we launched the Sea Fox and took a tour for the rest of the afternoon. In about an hour we managed to see two freighters and a tug with a barge! *Note to self: Once again, don't forget your camera! Oh well, we knew there would be more later, and sure enough, there was when we were kayaking.

That one was almost too close when we headed across the channel towards the lighthouse and then Boldt Castle.

 We paddled like crazy against the current to get to the other side and the lee of the power house.

Some of Boldt Castle is under construction at the moment.

During that kayak trip we also saw this family heading to shore from whatever island they live it.
What a way to travel!

Alex Bay remains the same from when I was there as a kid with my family. Walking the main street is a "blast from the past" with tourist shops galore. Some of the tour boats are stuck in time too (like the one on the right).

The next day was our one full day in the area and it was jammed packed with activity and fun...some of which was unexpected. So the posts don't become too long, I'll feature that day's adventures all on its own. Check back soon!

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