Sunday, September 28, 2014

Property Projects

Fall has its share of fun events, but it also means cooler temperatures for maintenance and projects around the property. Dave and Jim started out by reorganizing what was once the motorcycle showroom, but has now been aptly dubbed the museum.

Then the two of them loaded up Jim's trailer and took a trip to the scrapyard. This put closure on the re-possessed house (it has been sold...yay!), since a lot of the junk was from replacing items there this spring.

Dave and I just completed the drainage ditch on the side of the house, which will hopefully help this winter. Last year we had many gallons of water that seeped into the cellar (thank you again Jim and John for sopping up all the mess!).

It's hard to believe that Dave dug the whole trench and five foot deep drywell hole by hand...and shovel, of course. I had the easy job of running the New Holland, removing bucket after bucket load of dirt, then pouring in the gravel over the drainage pipe that leads to the new drywell. I even found a foundation block joint that had no concrete which added to the water intrusion. All the cellar window wells will need to be covered so the snow and ice don't accumulate, and hopefully this issue will be solved.

Our concrete sidewalks behind the house still need to be replaced and repositioned, along with another drainage ditch, but time is growing short here in the northeast, so it may have to wait until next year. We'll soon be wrapping things up and heading south!

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