Thursday, September 4, 2014


We have been out on the water a lot lately, trying to make the most of what is left of the summer. The time has gone by way too fast! A couple of weeks ago we spent two days trailer-boating with Jim and Sharon in the Adirondacks. The first day was quite cool on Lake Champlain, but still quite fun and great to be back on both Mallet's Bay and Valcour Island.
This is supposed to be August?! Brrrrrr!

Day two was much warmer and despite the threat of severe thunderstorms (deja vu), we beat the odds and had a fantastic exploration of Saranac Lake. The last time we were there was at least 10 years ago and Jim was with us then too, along with Bill and Lynette and their two young children Chris and Ashley. We didn't get to see much of the lake because shortly after we all launched our skiffs, a nasty storm hit. It was really scary hiding under our bimini tops, trying to keep a brave face so the kids weren't frightened, all the while lightening was flashing and it was pouring rain. We ended up just going back and hauling the boats out of the water.

This time we found out that there are actually three different parts of Saranac Lake...the lower and middle (which there is actually a small lock between them), and the upper, which is separate and can only be accessed by land or by portaging a canoe or kayak. There are many small lakes that go off of the main lake(s) and Lake Flower can also be accessed from the lower lake through another lock.

On this day we explored the lower lake section which is mainly state land, and has camping sites on many of the islands. Some of these sites are quite high up, and but others are so picturesque. Plus the call of the loons really made it special.

In fact this whole area was very picturesque, with very few people around.

We called this "Center of the Lake Rock", after the rock island in the middle of the Sea of Abaco called "Center of the World Rock."

We had brought the water skis and kayak, so I paddled while Jim and Dave skied with Sharon as spotter. Here they get ready to go. We forgot the life jacket so the guys had to wear one of the boat's generic life jackets. 

Dave was ready to try slalom skiing and getting up on one ski. Although he skied last winter (a year after his accident), he only had the strength for two skis. 18 months into his recovery he's back up and did it, and he said it didn't even hurt!

Then it was Jim's turn on two skis. Lookin' good Jim!

We decided to try to find the lock that separates the lower and middle lakes and followed this channel that kept getting narrower as we approached the lock. 

As we arrived, another boat had just entered the lock.

It was manually operated and none of us had done this before, so all three boater couples learned how to do it at the same time. Time to read the instructions...

Dave helped close the gates.

Since we didn't have enough time to go through the lock, we ended up making this our turn around point. 

What gorgeous scenery and another fantastic day on and in the water.

It really has been a great summer and I can't think of a better way to spend it...waterlogged!

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