Friday, October 31, 2014

Shot In The Dark

We visited the Indian motorcycle dealership that used to be the Harley dealer before it moved to Ormond Beach. The Honda Helix looked great next to these other huge bikes.

Did you notice the signs? They are advertising for the brand new Slingshots and we just had to see one in person. Unfortunately there were none to be found inside or out.
Oh well, they and we will be ready when these futuristic vehicles are released.

As for us? Sunday we fly to Abaco! We're anxious to get settled in for the winter! More from across the Gulf Stream...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dream Cruisin'

We took the Honda Helix to the car show at the Halifax Marina last Sunday. What a great day to see some gorgeous and very unusual vehicles. A few were even on our bucket list! Here's a small sample:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dandy Heads 'Home'

Our Winer Malone Abaco dinghy is headed back to Hope Town where she was conceived and built many years ago. Dandy (named after another dinghy from way back in history) will be shipped to the Abacos on a freighter, then fully restored thanks to Heinz & Jacqueline and all the volunteers. Then she will have earned her rightful place in the Abaco dinghy fleet. What a great project for everyone interested in these classic wooden boats. 

Here is what we looked like going down the road from Ticonderoga to Daytona, and what Dave looked like as he left this morning to drive to Stuart, Florida to begin the shipping process.

See you on the other side of the Gulf Stream Dandy!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


I was told at our last 'Rally in the Woods' trail ride yesterday that it was time to get my feet off the blog. ;-)  There isn't much to report since we are packed and ready to head south. We will be towing our Abaco Dinghy down so it can be shipped back to Hope Town where it belongs (which may prove to be an interesting post all on its own). Our departure has great timing since I think there are snow flurries mixed in with the cold rain today. Before we depart though, I wanted to post these photos that I just found after seeing a similar one on Facebook. I have so many photo albums from all the fun things we did back then and it was great to reminisce. This is the Riff-Raft that we made in 1992 while living in an RV for the winter at Knight's Key campground, in Marathon, the Florida Keys.  Chuck, Bonnie and Arlyne joined us for our famous DINK & SINK get-together (Dual Income No Kids & Single Income No Kids) and the raft was a big hit that year. Dave and his father and our mini dachshund Scooter were party animals for New Year's too.
"Those were the days!"

Now it's time to go make some more great memories. We're outta here....

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I'm escaping the cool weather up north and visiting my family in Daytona for 10 days. I guess you could call it the pre-vacation before we head south for the winter. Meanwhile Dave is working hard back home.

Oh well, at least I am in my sandals and swimsuit!