Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

This is Hope town's version of Black Friday...a huge rummage sale to benefit Friends of Abaco Animals ( I volunteered to help set up, and unpacked, sorted, and folded bag after bag of clothes.

 This also gave me the opportunity to check out all the goods before the general public was admitted. 
I came home with so many goodies, including a colorful tropical print duffle bag to put all my treasures in. I also found a nice swimsuit cover-up dress, a Man-O-War dinghy shirt, a brand new HTSC hoodie that originally cost $50 (I bought it for $5), an angelfish plaque, a fish napkin holder and toothbrush holder (I bet you are getting an idea of what my theme is here!), the matching bowl to complete my mixing bowl set, 6 books, and I couldn't resist some of the most delicious brownies I have ever had at the bake sale (sorry Dave, they'll be gone before you get back!). It was so much fun that I kept going back and finding more things I couldn't live without. I spent a grand total of $26.00.

There was also an art show at the Hope Town Lodge and it's always fun to look at what the local artists have been working on. My favorite artist is Kim Rody ( Her underwater scenes are fantastic, especially the turtles.
However, there was another type of 'painting' that really impressed me. These two pictures are actually quilted (or perhaps embroidered?), and the colors & details are extraordinary. I wish I could afford them.

Hope Town's Black Friday certainly was much more fun than shopping at a mall with the crowds!

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