Saturday, November 15, 2014

Front and Back

In the photo below, you can see Hope Town and its harbor. Our apartment is in the small marina just to the right of the lighthouse.

This is the fuel dock with the Treehouse behind it. It's very convenient, but gas is $6.25/gallon...the price of paradise!
Out front:

The property goes from the harbor to the little cove we call the pond. A brand new dock was built in the back along the pond this summer, but so far no one is using it. We have been told that it is fine to put our skiff there, and although it is a high dock, it is still the perfect place for the skiff and kayaks to live for the winter (the pond is protected from all winds). We just have to remember the keys when we leave the apartment! We were so used to having the skiff right next to New Horizon, that we never took the keys out of the boat. The other day we pushed the boat off the dock, ready to go, and no keys. At least we grabbed the end of the dock in time to pull ourselves back to the ladder. We need a big sign on the way out the door that says "Got Keys?"
Out back:

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