Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sun and Wind

"The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!" This is what it usually looks like in the mornings...

Actually, I lied. Not only is it so windy that I can't have the doors open, but Dave isn't here right now either! He flew back to Florida to help Ganesha cross the Gulf Stream. However, the weather has not been cooperating, both in the States and in the Bahamas. It has been blowing 20-30+ knots since he left, and now the wind is from the easterly quadrant so it blows right onto the front porch. At least our skiff is snug and secure at the dock, but it is difficult for me to get out into the harbor and over to the settlement. Instead I have been walking the trails and doing some touch up painting around the apartment. 

An added plus is that I am now trained in running the marina generator! Good thing I have boat systems experience and this isn't much different than that. Until the day that Dave left, the main power had been very reliable and hadn't shut off at all. Since he has been gone (Friday), the power has gone off three times. No problem during the week when the employees are here, but there are only a few people here on the weeknd (leaving at 5PM, and no one on Sunday). So that's why I was shown what to do, so I can have power and their freezers and security systems work.

If the wind doesn't abate and the seas don't calm down by next Saturday, Dave will fly back to Abaco, hopefully in time to race in the Box cart Derby! Meanwhile it is warm and sunny and the wind blows on.

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