Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Takin' A Break

We have been extremely busy since we arrived at the New Horizon Treehouse in Hope Town. Our apartment had a major remodeling done with new wood grain floors throughout, new tiled shower, ceilings painted and trim replaced, and a beautiful brand new stove and oven! There has been some cleaning to do after all the work and in drawers and cabinets, and then we have been trying to go through and distribute our possessions stored in all the plastic tubs. We also fixed the leaky kitchen sink and put in a new bathroom sink faucet that Dave volunteered to do. It's been great working conditions with high winds keeping us inside. Today was the first day we actually sat on the front porch overlooking the harbor for awhile. There is still much organizing to be done, but we have a handle on it all and in a day or so it is supposed to be calm and warm, so we'll be on the water starting this season's adventures.

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