Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Big City

We periodically venture off to the big city of Marsh Harbour on the Abaco mainland. We took our first trip a couple of days ago in the skiff. If you look at the overhead photo in the last post, you can just see the beginning of Marsh Harbour in the far left corner (the first islands are the Parrot Cays). The stores are a long way from the ferry dock so we have to take the skiff into the harbor itself to be closer to everything. However, this can be challenging unless the weather cooperates. All of the stores are so much bigger here, giving us more to choose from. Prices on most things are higher than in the states because they have to be brought over by freighter and duty paid.
First stop...pristine Standard Hardware with helpful employees and well stocked shelves.

Walking down the main street with our trusty cart to help carry our purchases back to the boat.
 Thankfully it wasn't quite as busy as usual.

The only fast food in Abaco is KFC.

Next it was on to the pharmacy for prescriptions that cost about 1/4 of what they do in the U.S., AND I got a 10% discount for buying double the amount...all with a wait of only 5 minutes! You won't see that at home!

Onward we hiked, passing by this field of broken down emergency vehicles. It doesn't take long for this to happen in this salty environment.

The grand finale was Maxwell's Supermaket. 

Grand it was, and we timed it right with the freighter coming in the day before. 

We've never seen it this well stocked and yet so clean. 

Dave was in '7th heaven' with all the bananas.

 Both English and Haitian spoken here.

We may not get to the big city very often, but when we do, we maximize our time and make it worth the trip. We may not have the choices or quantity we see in Marsh Harbour, but it's always good to get back home to Hope Town though!

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