Thursday, November 6, 2014


It was already 80 degrees at 9AM this morning...

Our cozy living room.  The floor and a/c units are such an improvement over what was there before. 
I need to find new curtains.

 I love my new stove and oven!

Nice tile work brightens up the bathroom.

We are working on decorations for the walls to liven up the bedroom.

We are really enjoying being here and little by little we are making the place our own!

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  1. The place looks splendid. Doubly so now that they've improved on the amenities, such as the A/C units, which should be more than useful when the hot and humid weathers arrive. I hope that the heaters are also in good shape for the coming colder season. Thanks for sharing that!

    Sue Berry @ Advanced Appliance Service Inc.