Sunday, December 21, 2014

Back To Christmas

When I wrote the post about me coming down with the flu, I mentioned that it all began at the Christmas play. It was ALMOST worth being sick to see this show (talk about the cost of admission?!). This year's St. James Players children's play was the best I have ever seen, and many people around the community are saying the same thing. The title was "The Night Shift Before Christmas." I thought it would be a hospital theme, but it was all about a restaurant in Bethlehem, and the night visitors and patrons, including the wise men, shepherds, three kings, and even a camel!
The older kids are so talented and are great singers. Now that we have been here for so many winters, we know quite a few of them from the Hope Town Junior Sailing Program, and it's fun to see them grow up.

The younger kids are really cute and even had some solos of their own.

Right at the end of the program they bring out the toddlers as angels and are so adorable. They all know their parts and the songs, but you could really tell it was past their bedtime with lots of yawning, making it even sweeter.

What a way to to start the Christmas season. Thanks go our to all the cast and crew for this monumental show. So many weeks and months of hard work are put into this and it was well worth their efforts. The proceeds go to the missionaries' work and the orphanage. Thanks also to Carol D. for the photos!

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