Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bush Medicine

I have the flu. Over half the island has it. It started with the kids in the Christmas play (a future post), spread to the adults, and has run rampant ever since. Our lighthouse keeper Elvis was concerned when Dave, who isn't afflicted with it yet, told him how sick I was. He immediately brought me some Bahamian bush medicine, which I believe is Madeira bark. It had to boiled into a tea-like drink.

He warned me it would be bitter, but yikes, it was beyond bitter! I added some sugar and got about a third of it down. At midnight my fever broke and yesterday I was up and about. It worked! I'm still congested and a slight fever that goes up and down, but am hopefully on the road to recovery. What a shame because this whole week has been super calm!

It's not a good photo because of the back lighting, but here is Dave and his 'brother' Elvis...

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