Monday, December 15, 2014

Dave to the Rescue

The freight boat comes into the marina's dock almost daily to unload supplies, but today it lingered and then suddenly shut off its engines. Dave went down to see what was happening and he came running in, grabbed his tools and headed back out the door. Apparently the crane's lifting wire broke and then melted on the hot exhaust. There were no tools on board to even look at the problem so Dave loaned what he could and his expertise. Unfortunately he couldn't do anything and they had to call in mechanics from Man-O-War Cay. Dave got to go in the engine room and also talked to the captain. This problem happens occasionally and if it can't be repaired on the spot, all they can do is to go back to old times and unload what they can by hand and bucket brigade. Then it's back to their home base for repairs and try again the next day!

For Dave's help, maybe the charge for delivering our Abaco Dinghy 'Dandy' TOMORROW will be lowered. Even if they don't adjust the cost, it was well worth the experience.

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