Saturday, December 6, 2014

Everything Is 'Beachy'

The beach and ocean have been wild with all the northeast wind that has been blowing. It's good for beachcombing at low tide and I recently found these pieces of seaglass. The one that looks black is actually a rare dark purple shard.

Dave holds a hermit crab friend that is getting too big for its shell.

We call this a beachtree. It keeps everything from getting too sandy. We picked a hearty bush for this so that we wouldn't break any of its branches. 
These bushes, vines, and sea oats are imperative to help hold the sand dunes together. You can see from the drop off that the waves have been washing part of the embankment away. Erosion in all the wind and waves is an ongoing problem. Sometimes the sand gets washed away and deposited on a different part of the beach, but unfortunately it also gets deposited on the reefs just offshore. We never know what Mother Nature has in store each year we come back here.

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