Sunday, December 7, 2014

Re-purposing, Bahamas Style

Dave has been perplexed as to what to do with all the tools, power tools, fasteners, etc. that he uses for all of his projects. We were taking precious space in the marina's storage lockers that they normally rent out, but let us have for free, so they were missing out on some income. The apartment has limited space and even under the beds is taken up with household items we don't often use. Plus Dave certainly won't want to be running up to the second floor every time he needs something. What to do? Be creative...would you expect anything less from Dave? While walking around the boatyard we came across the old ice machine that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Ah ha! What a perfect spot to store things! It can even be locked. The marina managers know how much Dave does for the lighthouse and community (and I'm sure wanted their storage lockers back) so they were happy to give it to him, since they wouldn't have to dispose of it. It was moved to a corner by the generator room and very well lit, as you can see. Dave added shelves and an area to open up his plastic bins. I guess you could call it a rat rod toolbox!

That's not the end of the story though. We went to a garage sale at a home that was being sold and found a large Rubbermaid storage unit under the house that Dave bought. Now the challenge was to get it from the other end of the island, and over to the our side of the harbor! Luckily the owner's nephew volunteered to load it up on his homemade PVC boat trailer and bring it down to the dock with his golf cart. We were surprised it actually made it with its tiny wheels splaying apart.

Then Bill and Dave loaded it onto our skiff and brought it over to the Abaco Rage's storage container in the boatyard, where we can put all non-essential items. The guys are always a sight!
Just cleaning out the Rage's container packed with moldy old sails and parts no longer used will make a blog post at a later date, when the guys get around to this much needed project. For now though, storage problems solved by re-purposing...Bahamas style!

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