Sunday, December 28, 2014

Voyage Cut Short

Forget the's calm and time to go exploring! Right after we arrived here this season, we visited some new friends on the south end of Tilloo Cay and spotted a boat wreck off in the distance on mainland Abaco. We have been waiting for the opportunity to go check it out and sure enough we found it south of Snake Cay.

We learned that it was a sailboat that had been smuggling Haitians into the Bahamas. They almost made it, but the mail boat spotted it and called in the Bahamas Defense Force and the police. At this point neither one of these law enforcement agencies had a boat they could go out to investigate, which is a bit ironic. Eventually they did round up a boat and took the illegal immigrants off the sailboat. Then the hull was just left abandoned up on the rocks.

We tied up to it, and of course Dave couldn't resist checking it both inside and out....and underneath! He said the snorkeling was excellent in the area, but it was creepy to see shoes and other possessions floating around. The fish liked it though, making it an artificial reef.

Definitely a fun day at sea...something we haven't done in a long time. We felt like we were cruising again!

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