Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dandy Progress

The work on our Abaco Dinghy Dandy has been progressing. Dave has been making and installing the pieces of mahogany to make the stringers stronger.

He also made some beautiful name boards out of the same wood, for the transom of the boat. He plans on carving in the name and port (Hope Town) eventually.

After I dug out the old wood putty that covered the bronze screws attaching the transom to the wood planks, Dave tightened all the screws up, making it more secure. It will still need to be caulked to make it water tight.

My next project will be to sand all these floorboards and ready them for painting. There's some cool windy weather in the forecast, so the conditions will be great for this type of work.

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  1. Hello Carol & Dave,

    I'm currently restoring a Winer Malone Dinghy built in 1990 that is 13'5''. Your posts about the Dandy give me hope for the hard work ahead. I would love to talk or rather email Dave about my plans for the boat and get his insight and what he has learned from Winer.


    David Lincoln