Monday, January 5, 2015

From Tree To Boat

The trees that surround our apartment are corkwood trees. They are what the 'knees' are made of in the Abaco Dinghies. The shape works perfectly and you can almost picture the beginnings of a boat...

While Heinz is working on the dinghies over at his marina, Dave has started working on Dandy here in the boatyard. He is organized and has his own little corner to complete the project, with his tools and work bench close at hand.

We don't have any of the original wood, so Dave is making pieces out of mahogany to sister into the knees already in place. He found cracks in some of the braces, now that the floor boards have been removed for painting.

This will ensure that the boat will be strong and hold her shape. You can see the angles and why the corkwood works so well.

The restoration will continue when our next cold front arrives. Now it's calm and time to get back out on the water!

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