Monday, January 19, 2015

Rough Start

Yesterday was the first Sunfish race of the season and the wind was howling. Sometimes it gusted up to 20 knots, which was right on the verge of cancelling the three race series. 12 boats came out to accept the challenge, but Dave was in the back of the fleet, finishing 10th overall. He was just glad to be out there after recovering from the flu, stuck it out until the end, and didn't flip his boat.

I was able to watch it all from the race committee boat, while keeping track of the finishers and doing the scoring. I worked with our amazing friend Di, who is 85 years old, still lives on her catamaran in the harbor, and even crosses the gulf stream. She is so fact her points addition was better and faster than mine!

Still a good day on the water, but hopefully next time it won't be quite so windy.

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