Thursday, February 26, 2015

Celebrating 37 Years

Yesterday was our 37th wedding anniversary. It was a gorgeous day and we are finally back to to spring-like weather. The sailing club was having a gathering at the Narrows at Man-O-War Cay, so we joined a group of about 25 people for lunch.

The Narrows, or locally called the "Low Place," is just a spit of land separating the Sea of Abaco from the Atlantic Ocean. In rough weather the waves break right over the rock road to the other side.

We brought our kayaks and took an excursion.

I also joined a couple of the ladies for a swim and was actually surprised that the water was as warm as it was, considering how chilly the air has been until just recently. 

It sure feels good to be out exploring and have the weather nice again. What a great way to celebrate!
Thank you Catherine for your great photos.

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