Saturday, February 21, 2015

Giving Back

Today was the annual Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue's Fundraising event. As you remember, HTVFR was instrumental in getting Dave to Marsh Harbour and then Nassau when he fell from the mast (would you believe it's been two years already?!), so we really like to help out when we can. This year they didn't need us as volunteers, but we still joined in the fundraising festivities. Besides food being served, swidgles (rum & coconut water) and beer were doled out. This is Stafford's specialty.

Dave checked out the t-shirts and tumblers...

Husband and wife team Bob and Lorraine sold 50/50 tickets out of a fireman's boot and helmet.

There was a huge raffle with many great prizes, but we didn't win anything this year. There was also a live auction for a Honda XL 350. I tied Dave's hands up so he couldn't bid! The bids went up to $2500 and the lady who won, walked up to the auctioneer and announced that after paying she was donating the bike back to be auctioned again, and HTVFR received another $1500 on top of that.

This is Adelaide, who is being assisted back to the street by dispatcher Chris. She is 100 years old and can be found at most of the events here in Hope Town. She is an amazing lady, full of stories and poems that she has put into books that were published. If you are wondering why Chris has a bandage on his leg, it's because he was getting the XL 350 running (it had been sitting for a couple of years) and the bike 'bit him' when he was test driving it!

The local kids had fun sitting in all the fire and rescue vehicles throughout the day. Most of the trucks have to be smaller to get down the narrow streets. 

We really liked the new Polaris rescue vehicle. I think we need one of these back at the Pashley Ranch...minus the backboard though!

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