Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dave's 'Girl' Friends

We just had a Ladies Sunfish Regatta off of Nathan's Beach. It's been a couple of years since they've had this race, but the eight women skippers had a great time.
Dave even got to start the race around the Parrot Cays with a shot from this family heirloom cannon that one of the members let us borrow.

 A new trophy was made up and awarded, in honor of 86 year old tenacious Di, who continues to sail in the race. In fact she came in second!
Dave with his protege Doris who won, and my famous cookies...

The new award was a secret to Di, and she certainly was surprised.

Just another day in our diverse lives here in Hope Town.

Footnote: If you wonder what I do besides take photos of all the events with Dave, check out . A lot of my time is taken up being webmaster of this site. I try to get all the news and photos on asap and sometimes it's almost like 'streaming live'!

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