Monday, June 29, 2015

The Paver Project

Dave has been working on replacing the concrete path in the back of our house. When his father put this skinny little walkway in many years ago, he put it right under the drip edge of the roof.

We've wanted to remedy the situation since before Dave shattered his femur and wrist. While I was in Daytona recovering from my surgery,  Dave saw that someone on Craig's List was selling paver stones at a much reduced cost, and this made him wonder if it was an option instead of concrete. Coincidentally, the seller had the same amount that we would need, and said that if Dave drove his equipment flatbed trailer out to his house in Altamont and left it overnight, he and his workers would load it up as they removed the stones from his walkway. That cinched the deal and all Dave had to do was pick up his trailer the following day...if only it was that easy! There were so many pavers that the weight of them totally compressed the springs and the tires were flattening out. Luckily, Jim R. came to his rescue (again!) with his larger truck and they transferred some of the blocks to the back of the truck, removing some of the weight. It was still a scary trip back home, wondering if the trailer was going to make it.

Then came the prep work with jack hammering the old concrete and cutting off an old metal pipe that must have been from the old water heater. Plus he installed a drainage system for the rainwater runoff like we did on the side of the house last fall. Needless to say, Dave's wrist was 'screaming' at him the whole time. After I returned, but still couldn't go out much due to the open wound, Dave laid out, leveled, and tamped down the dirt path. He set up a grid pattern of the different sized stones and with the help of John and Jim, it was completed in a few days.

What a difference it makes, and so wide and easy to walk on. Our yard looks more like a park setting all the time!

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