Saturday, July 18, 2015


Ticonderoga certainly is steeped in history, especially the fort. Part of the fort's vast property is Mt. Defiance and its spectacular views. We used to be able to go up there whenever we wanted to, but this year there is a fee to do so. Dave went to Ft. Ticonderoga to get a token to go up with guests and discovered that we were eligible to become ambassadors to the fort. We signed up and can now go to the fort, King's Garden, and Mt. Defiance for free. What a perfect opportunity to learn more and experience all the fort has to offer. We took a cool afternoon and made our first visit as an introduction. I have wanted to see the King's Garden and it was gorgeous.

When the Pell Family started restoring the fort, they used the 'Pavilion' overlooking Lake Champlain as their summer home. Eventually it became a hotel, but it's now abandoned. Hopefully it will some day be restored.

One of the outbuildings.

This gazebo would be perfect for a wedding.

 Dave discovered this antique step for getting into horse drawn wagons. 

Mrs. Pell developed these beautiful gardens within brick walls. Every flower is labeled with what it is, which was really helpful. I took so many flower photos, but won't bore you with them all. It really is worth a trip to see them and all the work it takes to maintain the garden. Click HERE to read a bit of the history.

There is also a greenhouse and a vegetable garden.

The entrance gates were very ornate and brought over from Europe. Originally they were at the entrance to the fort, but after a delivery truck ran into them, they were moved to the garden entrance to help preserve them.

We ventured on to the fort and arrived just in time for a musket demonstration which was very interesting.

It is amazing how many cannons there are! 

Making a meal on the earthen stove and oven.

The fife and drum corp mustered under the flag (with Mt. Defiance in the background) and marched by us, which was a perfect way to end our initiation as ambassadors! There is so much more to see next time we visit.

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