Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Field Fresh Find

You've heard of barn fresh finds? Earlier this season we were involved in a field fresh find at a farm that was inherited by a great guy named Will.

As he was trying to clean up the fields to get them ready to plant, he found several different old pieces of 'machinery' that must have been left right where they had broken down. Dave saw this potato planter on a Craig's List ad, and we took Lynda, John and the big trailer out to investigate. It's a good thing we had help because it had to be dragged up onto the trailer.

Another find was this old well pump, but we opted not to remove this.

We did add this chassis to our collection.

Will showed us a plow, but it was so heavily entangled in growth, that he said that he would clear it better after the growing season and have us come back for it. He also thinks there is more iron in the back fields that he hasn't even gotten to, so he will keep us in mind since we love having these items outlining our property. We'll see what he comes up with this fall!

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