Monday, July 13, 2015

Have You Had A V-8 Today?

Time to confess. We've made a few changes in our inventory of 'vehicles'. Call it a mid-life crisis or the need for speed. When we bought Sashay, we wanted a boat with style and grace. It resembled a wooden boat, but without all the work and maintenance of wood. The Martini Launch fit the bill perfectly.

However, after owning it for a couple of years, we've found that no matter how beautiful and classic it is, it is too slow for the lakes up here. Dave who is forever thinking and searching ads, came across a spectacular 2005 20ft. Chris Craft Speedster for sale. His eyes lit up since he has always admired (more like lusted!) these boats on the lake. This one was different and even more special because it was red, with all the others we had seen being dark blue. The styling and lines of this boat are just like the old Chris Crafts of days gone by. Of course it had to have 'the sound'. Not only does it rumble when running, you can diminish the noise with a switch to partially close off the exhaust. Woohoo, style and power all in one! How could we not get this boat, and we had it named before the deal was sealed...Moxie says it all.

It had to shipped from Florida, but we have had it out on Lake George several times. The powerful 5.0 liter Volvo Penta, Fuel Injected, 270 HP V-8 engine tows skiers like a charm, and we can now travel anywhere on the lake (and outrun thunderstorms!). Plus the aft deck of the boat is perfect for hanging out and has been named 'Moxie Beach'.  Future posts will show much more of Moxie and adventures that are sure to happen.

 After experiencing the thrill of power on the water, Dave wanted to have the same feeling on land. My PT Cruiser Convertible is fun and a collector's item so we would never get rid of it, but let's face it, it's gutless with its 4 cylinder engine. At first Dave thought that maybe a Mustang convertible would fill that need for speed, but there are so many of them out there. Then he saw an ad for a 2002 Thunderbird convertible that really looked interesting.

I personally have always loved the looks of the retro T-Birds, so I heartily agreed to go check it out. Not only did it meet all our criteria, but it was even better than expected, with a removable hardtop and the inside was matching blue and black.

 Photo 'borrowed' from the internet.

Now we go over Tongue Mountain like it's flat ground...all in style! Since the PT is a convertible, I like leaving the hardtop on the T-Bird. Once again, like with the Chris Craft, we sure get looks and thumbs-up everywhere we go.
 Another photo from the internet. Obviously not our house or Tongue Mt. ;-)

Dave just reminded me that the 39 Plymouth is a V-8 too. Guess we'll never have to say, "I could've had a V-8!"

Footnote: Sashay will be spending the rest of its days with a new owner in the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence Seaway. I hope they keep the name, since it fits it so well.

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