Friday, July 10, 2015

Taking Advantage

One advantage of all the rainy weather we have been having is that the waterfalls in downtown Ticonderoga has been quite dynamic, with excess water being dumped out of Lake George.

We took advantage of the current and launched the double kayak for a one way trip down the LaChute River. We have never gone that fast and barely had to to paddle until we almost reached Lake Champlain.

This past week we also took the skiff up to the main part of Lake Champlain and came across the 'Cascades' which were actually doing what they were named for...cascading! We've only seen water flowing over this rock cliff twice, in all the times we have been there.
Finally it is summer-like weather and we are taking advantage of it by doing fun things in the north country. We are working on getting internet up north, so perhaps I'll be able to post more often, instead of just when we get back home...stay tuned!

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