Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The First 24 Hours

It's been a busy 24 hours since we arrived in Alexandria Bay, also know as Alex Bay or even A-Bay.

The toys are in the water and we have a dock space at our motel, Otter Creek Inn. 

After arriving, we heard a commotion in the distance and I looked up to see what I thought were geese, but ended up being a huge convoy (or should that be flock?) of 30 army helicopters, flying in formation. The weird thing is that as we were heading west on the Thruway there were several large convoys of army vehicles heading east. It sure made us wonder what was happening...
After a fun re-introduction to the area, both on water and land yesterday, it was time to launch the kayaks this morning. As soon as we hit the water we heard 5 loud freighter horn blasts which means danger, or in this case probably, "get out of my way!" There aren't too many places in this country or the world where the pleasure craft and commercial traffic are in such tight quarters, and so close to land.

"Pretty in pink", in front of this gorgeous house that we have always admired. Nice gargoyle on the railing too.
This afternoon we spent time lazing on Moxie Beach and swimming in the brisk St. Lawrence River. The current still flies through the 'choke points' but it sure is clear and refreshing. Moxie has no problem powering though the 5 knot current here.

We even made it through the rift between Canada and the U.S. borders.

We've seen many dinghy planters, but none like this one that was actually still floating out front of an island house.

Perhaps we should name our next boat this...
I think the photo above says it all and..."tomorrow's another day!"

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