Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back To The Main Event

After looking through my posts about the Thousand Islands, I realized that I hadn't written about the main reason we go up there...the Antique Boat Show and Auction. There weren't any boats we couldn't live without in the auction (thankfully!), although there was a Bahamas wooden dinghy in the line up. We could tell that it wasn't made in Abaco and was in very poor condition, more suitable as a flower planter. The show itself was even more organized than usual and was probably the best we have attended.

The featured boats were Lymans and there were plenty of gorgeous ones.

This Lyman on display was still in its crate!

What a race boat and quite the sound when it ran, especially inside the boathouse.

This boat is going to be running in the Gold Cup Races on Lake George in September. We'll be there and will hopefully get lots more photos. Click here for the link to their website for this monumental event.

We always enjoy hearing the whistle blow and, "Make way for the junior judges!"

A rare boat and Dave's favorite...

More fins...

This is the largest Gar Wood  that the company (based in Brant Lake) has ever made. 

If our launch "Sashay" was THIS one, I don't think we would have needed "Moxie". Somehow, I think this boat does more than sashay when it travels the St. Lawrence!

Towboat US entourage. If all else fails, call them, they can do anything...

This is a very rare Indian Outboard (like the motorcycles) that was sold by one of the vendors. He wouldn't tell us what he sold it for but it was in the thousands of dollars.

One vendor had a huge pile of courtesy flags from different countries that are usually used to 'dress' big ships. We found a large Bahamian one we will use in Hope Town. I had to dive into the pile to find it...

As we were leaving the show we found this unusual camper boat for sale. What a sight it must be on any waterway, but perfect for the Erie Canal System.

That's it for the 1000 Island report. It makes us want to go back again and we were certainly were lucky with the weather this year!

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