Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Beginning or the End?

Besides being out on the water with Moxie and the kayaks, we have also been visiting some land based attractions. It was super windy one afternoon and it usually blows right down the river making it quite rough. We headed out to Cape Vincent and the Tibbits Point Lighthouse.

Dave was ready to go body surfing in the waves that looked and sounded like we were at the ocean.

This is where Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence Seaway converge, so depending on which way you are headed, it's either the beginning or the end of the river and/or lake. This sailboat had quite the ride going with the wind, waves and current, as it passed by the Wolfe Island wind farm (I read there are 86 of these generators) and headed into the river. I bet the crew was glad to be out of the big lake!

What a great place to sit and read up on the all the ships that ply these waters. 

Dave has his new edition of "Know Your Ships" and we sure have seen more commercial traffic than ever before during our stay up here this time! Besides wooden boats and clear water, that's the reason we love coming to the Thousand Islands.

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