Monday, August 24, 2015

The Office

We usually bring a cell phone with us when we go out in the boat, in case we have a problem. It's usually a false sense of security because there isn't always cell coverage where we venture to. A few days ago, we took Moxie down to explore Harris Bay, which is very close to the southern end of Lake George. On the way back, we stopped for a leisurely swim in Log Bay near the base of Black Mountain. Surprisingly I heard the magic wand sound of a text message coming in...I couldn't believe there was service here with the mountain right behind us. I have always thought it was sad that people were on their phones out on the lake, and when I looked around the cove, there were several people either texting or conversing on their devices. Have we become one of THEM? We couldn't resist checking the message. It ended up being a business message which Dave had to answer. So I guess we need to rename Moxie, 'The Office'. Then it became a joke..."Dave is out of The Office so please a message.

Then there was the heavy traffic on the commute home.

Next time the phone can come with us, but it will be off!

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