Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Final Event of the Season

The Antique Truck and Tractor Show marks the end of our season in Upstate New York. This year's show was the best we have ever been to. Dave brought up the Farmall, the Cyclops (which gets tons of attention), the Town & Country tricycle, my Shelby bicycle, and the 1953 Garden Aid.

Here are a few of the many diverse vehicles on display:
A pristine fleet of fuel trucks...

The "Hose Wagon"

 There was a large array of fire engines in attendance:

This antique fire truck was gorgeous and not a detail was left out or unpolished.

Civil Defense Rescue Vehicle:

I would love to have this cute little Bantam!

An airport snowplow.

This tow truck can tow just about anything.

The truck was nice, but no one was looking at it much because the Hodaka Super Rat that was in it was drawing everyone's attention. Dave used to sell and work on these, and he could find no faults in this awesome rebuild of a classic dirt bike.
The queen of the show is always Cousin Chuck's Ultra Van. Recently we watched the Pickers' show and someone in NH had one that Mike and Frank wanted to buy. The owner said that his was one of only two in the Northeast. Chuck's must be the other one!

To top off a fun-filled weekend, Dave's photo appeared in the local newspaper (Marc Schultz photographer). It was taken on Sunday when he brought up the David Bradley and was towing the"Jolly Trolley" with friend Noah helping him steer!

Now that's going out on a high note!

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