Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fun For All

Clark's Trading Post was fun for not only the kids, but the grown-ups too. Hey, we were probably the oldest ones there, but young at heart.

For those who grew up near the Lake George area, it was like a small version of the old Storytown. Besides the Segways, Dave and Len got totally soaked on the Anaconda water flume, that was totally blacked out inside.

There were lots of antique displays including, firetrucks, old engines, rare motorcycles, gasoline pumps, and a famous horse carrying Moxie Mobile!

Clark's started out as a bear rehabilitation facility but gradually grew bigger and diversified. The oldest bear that they had in their history was 40 years old. This was amazing considering they told us that bears only live about 5 years in the wild. One of the bears they had at one time was named Moxie too!

There were many other displays and shows including the crooked house, circus show, and gift shops. Last but not least was the steam train ride.

The engineer lovingly takes care of all the maintenance and runs the train.

Heading into the covered bridge. As you can see, this is a popular ride.

Here comes trouble! The Wolfman chased the train, shooting off his gun. Everyone was told to yell, "Scram you old goat!" The kids loved it.

What a great afternoon with the family in the beautiful White Mountains. Click HERE for the link to this fun attraction.

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