Monday, September 21, 2015

The Way It Was...On The Water

Lake George has always been known for its spectacular wooden boats. We seem to see less and less of them in the boathouses though. However, this past weekend paid tribute to the Gold Cup Races from yesteryear by re-creating the races held in Bolton Landing in 1935. Thirty boats signed up to attend with some dating back to the early 1900s (some were original and some were replicas). The Sagamore Hotel and the Adirondack Mountains made quite the backdrop for this monumental event.

Dave and I went down in Moxie on Friday, and there weren't very many spectators yet, so we able to see the boats up close.

Saturday was a whole different story and the turnout was tremendous. Unfortunately it was windy and several of the boats couldn't go out to do the demonstration heats. Many did though, and it was exciting watching and hearing them fly through the waves.

Seeing and hearing Miss Detroit start up and take off from the dock was one of the highlights. We also witnessed this same boat start in Clayton in the boat museum's huge boathouse.

Juno with its Packard engine. 

These narrow boats just slice through the water.
How do they make the wood round? It looks more like a piece of furniture, as do all the boats. The upkeep must be tedious and expensive, but the end result is worth it.

We have been told that this was a once in a lifetime event, so we were definitely glad we didn't miss it!

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